I.  Choose the best answer by crossing A, B, C, or D!

Andre     : Hi, Yudi, the weather is cloudy. Do you think it will rain soon?
Yudi    : I think so, I am sure it will rain soon.

What does the underlined sentence mean?
A. It shows uncertainty.
B. It shows certainty.
C. It shows repetition.
D. It shows disagreement.

Arya     : We will get off in some minutes. We almost reach my house.
Nizar     : ……………………………………….
Arya     : We will reach my house in some minutes.
Nizar     : Really? Thanks God.

A. Of course I do.
B. Sorry. What did you say?
C. Sure
D. I think so

Luna     :    What do you think about Titi?  Will she come tonight?
Heny     :    I don’t think she will come.

A. Heny feels sure that Titi will come..
B. Heny doesn’t like Titi.
C. Heny feels uncertain that Titi will come.
D. Heny tries to think about Titi..
Rika     : Look! I just bought a flower at the florist.
Rani    : Wow! How beautiful this flower. What flower is this?
Rika     : That’s right. This is rose.

A. Rika shows attention.
B. Rani shows attention
C. Rani expresses admiration.
D. Rika expresses admiration.

What does the caution mean?
A. The liquid is easy to set on fire.
B. The liquid is yellow.
C. The liquid is made of fire.
D. The liquid is colorful.

Read the text to answer questions 6 and 7.

To: All my lovely friends
Please, Come to my 17th Birthday Party! And don’t forget to bring your sincere gift or present.
Day/Date        : Sunday/15th of December 2016
Time        : 09.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.
Place        : My House
Dress Code    : Casual Dress
I’m waiting for your coming! Come before 09.00 am and wear your casual dress!
My sincere greeting,

The underlined word means….
A. forgettable
B. serious
C. heartfelt
D. unbelievable

The text is written….
To invite somebody to a party
To celebrate a wedding anniversary
To inform the marriage of Saputra
To give direction for his house

The Text is for number 8 to 9

From: +628124916250

Just to inform you that the meeting will be cancelled for tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. as the principal will arrive from Surabaya tonight.


From the text we know that….
The principal was away when the message was sent.
The sender cannot attend the meeting
The principal will wait for the meeting the day
The sender was in Surabaya when he sent the massage

9.    The short message is written to……
A. tell what had happened in the meeting.
B. inform the cancellation of a meeting.
C. say that the principal won’t come to the meeting.
D. inform that the sender has just arrived from Surabaya.

The Text is for number 10 to 11.

10.    The text above tells us about . . .  .
A. student organization.    C. Intensive English Course
B. experienced instructors    D. English Course Program

11.    To whom is the text announced?
A. The students of grade 9    C. The English Instructors
B. The Students’ Organization    D. All students

The following text is for question 12 to 14.

12. The text above is a … advertisement
A. food                    C.  school
B. drink                     D.  classroom

13. Classroom Cuisine is…
A.  a kind of lunch.                C.  person’s name.
B.  a catering company.            D.  the school’s name.

14. Parents can order lunch…
A. by phone.
B. online.
C. by going to school.
D. by delivery.

The following this text is for question 15 to 17.

15. What are offered in the advertisement?
A. Mobile phone.                 C. Personal computer.
B. Notebook.                 D. Digital camera.

16. How many products are offered in the text?
A. One.                C. Four.
B. Two.                    D. Six.

Baca Juga  contoh soal uas Bahasa Jawa SMP Tahun 2016

17. What mark is offered in the text?
A. Acer.                     C. Lenovo.
B. Asus.                  D. Vivobook.

The Text is for number 18 to 21.


The Octopus is an ocean creature with eight effective feet which it utilizes as hands. These are called tentacles or limbs. “Octopus” originates from two words that have meaning “eight feet”.
The octopus, the squid and the cuttlefish fit in with the same family that has no outside shells. Their bodies are secured totally with skin. Along these lines the assortment of an octopus is delicate. It would appear that a huge blow up. A completely developed octopus can be as huge as 8,5 meters from the tip of one arms to the tip of another. It can weigh as much as 45 kilograms.
Other than utilizing its tentacles or limbs to catch little fish, ocean plants, crab and lobsters, the octopus additionally utilizes them against its adversaries. The octopus wraps its appendages around the exploited person and crushes it before eating it.
The octopus escapes from its adversaries by giving out a thick dull liquid to obscure the water. It can likewise change the color of its body to match its surroundings. It escapes its enemies by doing this.

Which group of sea creatures belongs to the same family with octopus?
A. turtle and crab
B. shrimp and crab
C. crab and cuttlefish
D. cuttlefish and squid

How much a fully-grown octopus can weigh?
A. 25 kilograms.
B. 35 kilograms.
C. 45 kilograms.
D. 55 kilograms.

How does the octopus look for food?
A. It uses magic colors.
B. It uses its teeth.
C. It uses its hand.
D. It uses its tentacles.

What does the word “octopus” mean in Greek?
Eight feet                    C. Dark fish.
B.  Fish.                            D. Ghost Sea

The text is for questions 22 to 24.

Who is the receiver of the text?
Wiem G.b. Gratandia
Ifa Shakila
Kate Mullane

What information does the writer need?
Avian flu.
Lung cancer.
Infectious diseases.
Coronary heart disease

Why did Kate ask for the information?
To complete her assignment.
To send it to her counterparts.
To help her with the disease.
To cure the diseases.

The text is for questions 25 to 28.


Red Flannel around 10×10 cm
The ways:
Cut round the flannel about 5×3 cm
Make spiral in it.
Glue each side of spiral flannel.
Twist it from central until the end (look like a rose).
Cut the flannel in a rectangle (the size depend on your finger).
Put the rose in a rectangle and glue it.
Flannel rose ring is ready to wear.

25. Which statement is NOT TRUE about the instruction?
A. We must glue the rose in rectangle to get the ring.
B. The biggest the finger means the more flannel that needed.
C. All people have the same size of rectangle to make the ring.
D. We make a rectangle after we make a rose form.

26. We need flannel . . . to make rose ring for twice.
A. Less than 10x10cm
B. Only 10x10cm
C. About 10x10cm
D. More than 10x10cm

27.What should we do after we cut round the flannel?
A. Glue each side of the flannel
B. Make spiral form
C. Twist from the central until the end
D. Put the rose in a rectangle and glue it.

28. “Twist it from central until the end “ (second paragraph)
The underlined word has similar meaning with. . .
A. pull
B. Fling
C. Ream
D. Coil

The text for questions 29 to 32
Banyuwangi has two kinds of Seblang ritual ceremonies. They are Seblang Olehsari and Seblang Bakungan. Seblang is one of …(29) ritual of Using community that can be found in two villages (Olehsari and Bakungan). This ritual… (30) for pray and wishful to the God, in order to get the welfare and secure. It is like Sintren in Cirebon, Jaran Kepang in Kediri and Sanghyang in Bali.
Both villages have different time to do the ritual, in Olehsari village usually holds a week after Idul Fitri, while in Bakungan holds a week after Idul Adha. The dancers are chosen by a supernatural man and usually the dancers must come from the … (31) dancers. In Olehsari village, the dancers must be young girls, while in Bakungan the dancers must be women in 50 years old above who get menopause.

Baca Juga  Soal ujian Sekolah SMP Mapel IPS Tahun 2016

This Seblang dance actually is very old tradition, so it is difficult to know about its history. But based on a source, the first Seblang dancer is Semi. She died in 1973. After she got … (32) from her disease.


Was held
Is held
Has held
Had held



The text is for questions 33 to 35.

How to Install CD-ROM

1. Turn off your computer and unplug power cord from power outlet.
2. Carefully remove the computer cover.
3. Set the Master/Slave jumper on the rear panel of drive.
(To get best results, we strongly suggest that you connect your device to the
Secondary IDE port as the MASTER device.)
4. Connect the IDE cable to the drive.
5. Connect the 4-pole power cable to the drive.
6. Connect the audio cable (if applicable).
7. Carefully slide the drive into the empty bay and mount it. Then replace the
Computer cover.
8. Plug your computer back to power outlet and then turn the power on.

The text above shows us how to ….
A. unpack CD-ROM
B. install the CD-ROM
C. uninstall CD-ROM
D. remove CD-ROM from our compute

What is the purpose of the text?
A. To explain how to install CD-ROM
B. To tell the readers how to connect computers using CD-ROM.
C. To discuss the influence of CD-ROM on the computer work.
D. To measure the effectiveness of computer working with CD-ROM installed.

Turn off your computer and unplug power cord from power outlet.
The underlined word means…
A. Remove
B. Get off
C. Turn off
D. Turn on

Read the text and answer the questions 36 to 41

Lightning is a sudden, violent flash of electricity between a cloud and the ground, or from cloud to cloud. A lightning, or bolt, can be several miles long. It is so hot, with an average temperature of 34,000   centigrade, that makes the air around it suddenly expands with aloud blast. This is thunder we hear. Lightning occurs in hot, wet storms. Moist air is driven up to a great heat. It forms a type of cloud cumulo – nimbus. When the cloud raises high enough the moisture freezes. And then ice crystals and snowflakes are formed. These begin to fall, turning to rain on the way down. This rain meets more moist air rising, and it is the friction between them which produces static electricity. When a cloud is fully charged with this electricity, it charges it as a lightning flash.

36. The text tells you about ….
A. the type of cloud
B. the cause of lightning
C. the description of lightning
D. the benefits of lightning

37. If the cloud rises high enough, there will be ….
A. wet storms
B. snowflakes
C. a loud blast
D. a lightning flash

38. “…, that the air around it suddenly expands with a loud blast.”
The underlined word means ….

39. when does a lightning flash happen?
When the rain meets more moist happen.
When the temperature is not hot.
When the cloud rises high enough.
When the cloud is charged with electricity.

40. How are the snowflakes and the ice crystal formed?
A.  When the cloud rises high enough the moisture freezes.
B.  When a cloud is fully charged with electricity.
C.  When the cloud is fully discharged.
D.  When the lightning meets the violent flash of electricity.


41. What is the purpose of the text?
A.  To entertain the readers.
B.  To describe the lightning.
C.  To describe natural phenomena in general.
D.  To tell past event.

The following text is for questions 42 up to 44.

Resort & Convention

A hotel with cottages and high-rise building built on 17 ha,
Consist of 103 standard and 49 luxurious rooms.
A hotel, mixing business with pleasure, you can go fishing, jogging cycling, play volleyball, enjoy our tennis court (2 lines), billiard, badminton, fitness, soccer stadium, karaoke, children playground, horseback riding around the hotel, and swim in Teratai swimming pool, enjoy apple, orange and strawberry plantation.

Direct Reservation:
Jalan Abdul Gani Atas, Phone (0341) 4573467647
Fax. (0143) 564-765

42.    How many rooms does Kusuma Hotel have?
A.      103 rooms                    C. 49 rooms
B.      19 rooms                    D. 152 rooms

43.    Where can the guest go swimming?
A.       At children playground            C. In Teratai swimming pool
B.      At the fitness center                D. At the soccer stadium

44.    What fruit plantation is there around the hotel?
A.       Orange, strawberry, and many others.    C. Guava, apple, and orange.
B.      Apple, orange, and Strawberry.        D. Cherry, apple, and orange.

Arrange the following words into good paragraph!

45.  1.     Romans believed that vulcan lived on a volcanic Italian coast.
2.      Volcanic eruptions have caused some of the worst disasters in the
3.      The name of vulcano comes from Roma term.
4.      Romans called the island VOLCANO.
5.      It drives from vulcan which is the name of Roma fire god.
6.      They can wipe out entire cities and kill thousands of people.

A.    2-1-6-4-5-3
B.     2-4-1-3-6-5
C.     2-6-3-5-1-4
D.    2-5-4-1-3-6

46.  1. Connect the charger to an AC wall outlet. Charging
the battery supplied with the phone may take four up to six hours.
2. Insert the battery inside.
3. Open the cover of the hand phone.
4. When the battery is fully charged, the bar stops scrolling.
Disconnect the charger from the AC outlet and the phone.
Then, we are ready to make a phone call.
5. Close the battery with a cover of the hand phone.
6. Insert the SIM card after being installed
7. Connect the lead from the charger to the bottom of the hand phone


47. 1. This means that the top of the tower is 3.9 m if the tower stands perfectly
2.  Between 1990 and 2001, the tower leaned at an angel of 5.5 degrees, but                       now the leans at about 3.99 degrees
3.  The leaning tower of Pisa or the Tower is the Campanile of cathedral and
the third oldest structure in Pisa’s Cathedral square
4.  It’s situated behind the Cathedral and the third oldest structure in Pisa’s
Cathedral square.
5.  The height of the tower is 55.86 m from the ground and the width of the
walls is 4.09 m.


48.  1.      The bird was quite small (about 11-12 cm) and it had a small beak.
2.      Its belly was yellow and its wings were blue.
3.      It had a small blue cap on top its head.
4.      Its back was a greeny-yellow and white head.
5.      Yesterday, I saw a bird in a garden.
6.      Its eyes were black.
7.      It was a very coluorful bird.

A.    5-1-7-2-4-6-3
B.     5-6-2-7-1-3-4
C.     5-2-6-4-7-1-3
D.    5-1-4-3-2-6-7

49. should – going – be – now – I – is – home – my father – hospitalized – for
1           2        3        4     5    6       7           8                       9             10


50. me – pick –  please – up – seven – at
1        2            3       4         5       6
The best arrangement is….
A.    3-2-1-4-6-5
B.     3-2-4-1-6-5
C.     6-5-2-4-1-3
D.    6-5-2-1-4-3

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