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Soal PPDB Bahasa Inggris terbaru 2016

Soal PPDB Bahasa Inggris terbaru 2016
Read the text carefully, and then answer the questions based on the text.
The Zoo Job Story
One day a clown was visiting the zoo and attempted to earn some money by making a street performance. He acted and mimed perfectly some animal acts. As soon as he started to drive a crowd, a zoo keeper grabbed him and dragged him into his office. The zoo keeper explained to the clown that the zoo’s most popular gorilla had died suddenly and the keeper was fear that attendance at the zoo would fall off. So he offered the clown a job to dress up as the gorilla until the zoo could get another one. The clown accepted this great opportunity. So the next morning the clown put on the gorilla suit and entered the cage before the crowd came. He felt that it was a great job. He could sleep all he wanted, played and made fun of people and he drove bigger crowds than he ever did as a clown. He pretended the gorilla successfully.
However, eventually the crowds were tired of him for just swinging on tires. He began to notice that the people were paying more attention to the lion in the next cage. Not wanting to lose the attention of his audience, he decided to make a spectacular performance. He climbed to the top of his cage, crawled across a partition, and dangled from the top to the lion’s cage. Of course, this made the lion furious, but the crowd people loved it .At the end of the day the zoo keeper came and gave him a raise for being such a good attraction. Well, this went on for some time, he kept taunting the lion, the audience crowd grew a larger, and his salary kept going up. Then one terrible day happened. When he was dangling over the furious lion, he slipped and fell into the lion cage. The clown was really in big terrible situation. He was terrified.
Sooner the lion gathered itself and prepared to pounce. The clown was so scared. He could do nothing and he began to run round and round the cage with the lion close and closer behind. Finally, the lion could catch him. The clown started screaming and yelling, “Help me, help me!”, but the lion was quick and pounces. The clown soon found himself flat on his back looking up at the angry lion and suddenly he heard a voice from the lion’s mouth;”Shut up you idiot! Do you want to get us both fired?”

Baca Juga  Soal Ujian Sekolah SMP Pendidikan Agama Islam tahun 2016

The text above is to answer the questions number 1 to 3.
1. What is the Clown’s new job?
A.    Attract guitar skills to the visitors
B.     Do some attraction with gorilla suits
C.     Mime some animal acts
D.    Cleaning services

2. What happened with the Clown when he was danggling over the furious lion?
A.   He mocks the lion
B.   He throws a meat to the lion
C.   He  slipped into lion’s cage
D.   He perform a gorilla scrawl

3.  What is the main function of text?
A.    To entertain and tell a story of an unpredictable ending
B.     To share an information about something
C.     To advertise or selling something
D.    To tell about the procedures to do something

For number 4   to 7
Complete the text below with the suitable word available!

California:  The Golden state
This beautiful state is home to more than 35 million people, representing every race, culture, and language on the planet. Most Californians are descendant of European immigrants, but more than a quarter of them have  ethnic roots in Spain and Latin America. Millions more 4)…….from Asia.
Many of these people 5) ……… California during the Golden Rush. They came to 6)…….. rich. A few did get rich, but many didn’t.
Today, California continues to 7) ………. people from all over the world. It will always be the land  of opportunity.

4. A. arrive
B. stay
C. come
D. go

5. A. moved
B. went
C. stayed
D. visited

6. A. make
B. get
C. pay
D. buy

7. A. take
B. attrack
C. attack
D. attach

The text below is to answer number 8 to 11.

My Best Friend

I have a lot of friends in my school, but Dina has been my best friend since junior high school. We don’t study in the same class, but we meet at school everyday. I first met her at junior high school orientation and we have been friends ever since.
Dina is good looking. She likes to wear jeans, casual t-shirt and sneakers. She is always cheerful. She is also very friendly and likes to make friends with anyone. Like many other girls, she is also talkative. She likes ton share her thoughts and feelings to her friends. Ithink that’s why many friends enjoy her company. However, she can be childish sometimes.
Dinda loves drawing, especially the manga characters. She always has a sketchbook with her everywhere she goes. She would spend some time to draw the manga characters from her imagination. Her sketches are amazingly great. I am really glad to have a best friend like Dina.

Baca Juga  Soal Latihan Ujian Sekolah PKN SMP Tahun 2016 Paket 3

8.  The writer  describes Dina as the following, except . . .   .
A. good looking
B. cheerful
C. friendly
D. fashionable

9. What are Dina’s favourite clothes?
A. jeans and skirt
B. sneakers and blouse
C. jeans and casual t – shirt
D. Jean, t- shirt, and hat

10. Why do many friends enjoy Dina’s company?
A. Because she is friendly and like to make friends.
B. Because she is talkative and likes to draw manga.
C. Because she is good looking and talkative.
D. Because she is friendly and likes to wear jeans.

11.The following are about Dina and her hoby, except  . . .   .
A. She always has her sketchbook with her
B. She would spend some time to draw the manga characters
C.  Like many other girl, she is also talkative.
D. Her sketches are amazingly great.

12.  Danau Toba is an amazing ………….. for people to visit.
A. place
B. placement
C. scene
D. scenery

13. They are going to reserve a room in a local hotel. The ………. can be done throuhg email.
A. reserve
B. resort
C. reservate
D. reservation

14. Bali is renown for its ……… . It is called the Goddes Island.
A. beauty
B. beautiful
C. beautifuly
D. beautify

15. In the past, only children from …… families could get proper education.
A. happy
B. wealthy
C. healthy
D. weary

16. This is the most precious ………. that Gerry has ever received from her parents.
A. prize
B. thing
C. reward
D. gift

The text below is for number 17.

Dear Dhea,
Congratulations, Finally, the happy day has come after the hard work to finish the program. I wish you great success with your plan to open your restaurant.


17. Mirza congratulates Dhea on her …… .
A. promotion
B. birthday
C. graduation
D. wedding

18.  “Where ……. The ladies?”  “I don’t know. They …… In the  living room five minutes ago.”
A. are – are
B. are  – were
C. were – are
D. were – were

19. “Please be quiet. I ……… .”
A. try to concentrate
B. am trying to concentrate
C. was trying to concentrate
D. tried to concentrate

20. Andrew  : Can you drive ?
Tommy   : No, but I …….. My father ……. me.
A.    learn, teaches
B.    learnt, taught
C.    am learning, teaches
D.    was learning, is teaching me

Baca Juga  ULANGAN HARIAN KEMAGNETAN Kls 9 Mata Pelajaran IPA Fisika Kelas/Smt IX / 1 DAN KUNCI JAWABAN

21. Hurry! The bus ……… . I ……… to miss it.
A. is coming, don’t want
B. is coming, didn’t want
C. was coming, don’t want
D. was coming, didn’t want

22. Those clouds are very black, aren’t they? I think ……..  .
A. it rains
B. it is going to rain
C. it is raining
D. it was raining

23.  Would you like something to eat? No, thank you …………. .
A. I have just had dinner
B. I had just had dinner
C. I had dinner
D. I have dinner

24. Dina  : Don’t forget to post the letter!
Tony : ……………………………..  .
A.    I ‘d posted it
B.    I’ve already posted it
C.    I’d already posted it
D.    I posted it

25. Andita’s hair was dirty. Now it is clean.
A. She washes it
B. She is washing it
C. She was washing it
D. She has washed it

26. The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody ……… to bed.
A. is going
B. had gone
C. has gone
D. went

27.  If you put one more lamp in the corner, it will ……. The room.
A. brighten up
B. decorate
C. highlght
D. shine

28. Jullian ………. Many cars before he received his mechanic’s license.
A. repairs
B. was repairing
C. had repaired
D. had been repairing

29. I didn’t have any money to buy food because I ………. My wallet.
A. was lost
B. is lost
C. was losing
D. had lost

30. I ……….. the money I got from my parents wisely. I only bought things I  that needed not
things I wanted.
A. used
B. asked for
C. spent
D. gave

31. When Malin Kundang ……. On his trading journey, his ship landed on a coast near a small
A. sailed
B. had been sailing
C. was sailing
D. sailing

32. Susan ………. For her friend Rita since an hour ago.
A. was waiting
B. waits
C. is waiting
D. has been waiting

33. Alia has a new pen pal from America. Alia ….. lucky because now she can practice writing
A. has
B. was
C. is
D. have

34. The Hill park in Sibolangit offers an ……… experience.
A. impressive
B. impression
C. impress
D. impressively

35. The newly – married …….. have just moved into the new house.
A. persons
B. people
C. couple
D, spouse

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