Part I.
Questions 1 to 4
Woman    : I feel happy today. This is my first time to a zoo!
Man        : Good for you, this is my third time. I feel fresh.
Woman    : What animal do you like most?
Man        : I like cat as a pet. But in the zoo, I like tigers.
Woman    : I see.

1.    What kind of animal is the man’s pet?
A.    tiger
B.    fox
C.    cat
D.    lion
E.    giraffe
Man        : What we are going to eat?
Woman    : I actually want to eat pancakes.
Man        : But we’re going to have dinner, not breakfast.
Woman    : So, steak?
Man        : Yeah, I was going to say that.

2.    Why the man refuses to eat pancakes?
A.    He does not like pancakes.
B.    He wants steak for dinner.
C.    He cannot eat pancakes.
D.    He thinks pancakes are expensive.
E.    He knows his friends does not like pancakes.

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Boy    : Yo, why don’t you go to sleep? It’s already this late.
Girl    : Brother, I cannot sleep with sheet.
Boy    : Why, does the sheet smell?
Girl    : No, not really. Little sister spilled some milk on it. Now it’s dirty.

3.    Why does the girl cannot sleep?
A.    Her brother bothers her.
B.    Her sheet is smelly.
C.    Her sheet is dirty.
D.    Her little sister sleeps on her bedroom.
E.    Her parents do not allow her.

Girl    : You look troubled. Can I help you?
Boy    : Please. I cannot find my bags.
Girl    : Our bags have been moved to the teachers’ room earlier.
Boy    : Oh! Thank you very much!

4.    Why the boy cannot find his bag?
A.    It has been moved by the girl.
B.    It has been moved by the teachers.
C.    It has been moved by itself.
D.    It has been moved by his friends.
E.    It has been moved to the teachers’ room.

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Part II.
Questions 5 to 7
Woman    : Look, I went to an apparel shop yesterday. I think I saw your mother.
Man        : Really? You never met her before. Did she looks like me?
Woman    : You posted your mom’s pictures on Facebook before.
Man        : …
Narrator    :What is the man most likely to reply?

5.    What is the man most likely to reply?
A.    How come?
B.    What did you buy?
C.    Oh, yes. I forgot about it.
D.    Oh, I think they’re too expensive.
E.    You look good today.

Boy        : Miss Smith, can I ask something?
Woman    : Sure. Ask me anything.
Boy        : Why Japanese surrendered in World War II?
Woman    : …
Narrator    : What is the teacher’s answer?


6.    What is the teacher’s answer?
A.    In 1945.
B.    The US bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
C.    On board USS Missouri.
D.    By signing Japanese Instrument of Surrender.
E.    Emperor Hirohito.

Woman    : How many books do we need to buy for next semester?
Man        : Apparently, it’s 12.
Woman    : That’s quite a lot.
Man        : Yeah, because we have 12 subject this semester.
Woman    : …

7.    What would be the most probable answer for the woman to say?
A.    I don’t think so.
B.    I think I need a rest.
C.    I need more time to decide.
D.    I won’t buy them.
E.    I need to buy them soon.

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