BAHASA INGGRIS SD1.Teacher     : “The bell is ringing. Its time to go home now. …students”!
Student        :  “Good bye teacher”.
A.Good bye     C. Good luck
B.Good night     D. Good morning
2.Mother         : “Tina … to take the carrots”
Tina    : “Yes, of course.
A.    Are you help me     C. Do you help her
B.    Would you like me     D. Can you help me
3.Teacher    : “Oke student its time to study mathematic”. Please attention to me and
Don’t …
Student     : Allright mom.
A.Be quite     C. Sit on the chair
B.Make noise     D. Take your book
4.Ardi        :” … may I go to the toilet?
Teacher    : “ Yes sure”.
A.Thanks mom     C. Excuse me
B.Helo mom     D. Please mom
5.Teacher    : “Who can answer number one? Please ….
Joko        :  “I am sir”.
A.Sit  down     C. Stand up
B.Raise your hand     D. Clap your hands
6.Rani        :”Can you pick up the phone?”
Dudi        :”… I am busy”.
A.Oke     C. No Problem
B.Sure     D. I am, sorry
7.Danang        : … you show me the way to the market please?”
Umar        : Go straight and turn left, the market is on the right side”.
A.Can     C. What
B.When     D. Why
9.Ani        :” I am thirsty, … a glass of water?”
Roni        :”Of course’ here you are”.
A.Can you help me     C. Can you give
B.Can you show me     D. Can you tell me
10.The rain is gone be down, … home now.
A.Sure     D. Okay
B.Lets go     D. Later
11.    X : … lending me a pencil?”
Y : “Sure, Here you are”
A.Do you mind     C. Let
B.Can you     D. Shal we
12.Tangkuban Perahu legend is from . . . .
A.West java     C. Jakarta
B.East java     D. Yogyakarta
13.Arrange to be a good arrangement!
1. The coffee is ready to drink.
2. Stir it well
3. Boiled the water
4. Put a spoonful of coffee powder and two spoonful of sugar in the cup
A.3-4-1-2    C. 1-2-3-4
B.2-3-4-1    D. 3-4-2-1
15.Indonesia celebrate independence day every ….
A.April 21st     C. December 25th
B.August 17th     D. January 17th
16.Putri    : “Shall we … to school now?”
Intan    : “Oke”
A.sing     C. go     D. do
18.Tiyo    : “… is the bank please?”
Atep    :”The bank is beside the School
A.Where     C. Why
B.When     D. What
19.Nita    : “… You close the door?’
Ari    : ” Oh sure” I will close it.
A.Let’s     C. Can
B.May     D. Please
21.May I … your pen please?”
A.Lend     C. Give
B.Borrow     D. Ask
The text for number 22-26.
Our school has a library. It is large and clean. There are many kinds of books. There fiction and non fiction book. We can read and borrow book there. In the library we can not talk loudly. It will disturb the others. There is a note on the wall. It says” Keep Silence ”
I like to read many kinds of book in the library. Reading can make me smart.
22.What is title of the text?
A.Borrow book     C. Library
B.Our school     D. Our School library
23.Where do we can read and borrow books?
A.In the canteen     C. In the library
B.In the school     D. In the shop
24Is there a note on the wall?
A.Yes there is     C. No there is not
B.Yes there are     D. No there are not
25.Why do we have to read many kinds of books? Because …
A.Reading is not good     C. Reading can make headache
B.Reading can make me smart     D. Reading is not enjoy
26.May we talked loudly in the library?
A.Yes we may     C. No we may not
B.Yes we do     D. No we are not
29.Roro Jonggrang is the legend from ….
A.East java     C. Central java
B.West java     D. Madura
30.I need … to make a glass of milk?
A.Coffee powder     C. Flour
B.Sugar     D. Salt
31.Can you … me to lift this table?     C. pick up
B.with     D. give

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