Soal Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013 Terbaru Tahun 2015 D

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kurikulum 2013 Terbaru Tahun 2015 D
This text for number 41-45
Mr. Baker    : Hello, Mr. Fanelli. Please have a seat. What can I do for you today?
Mr. Fanelli      : I want to borrow some money to buy a car. A friend of mine, Jack
Richardson, bought a new car last week. He told me that he got his loan here.
Mr Baker       : Oh, yes. I remember him. I was the loan officer who spoke with him.
Mr. Fanelli     : He said that you were very helpful. I know very little about loans and hope
you can explain things to me.
Mr. Baker      : I will certainly try. What questions did you have for me ?
Mr. Fanelli     : First, I want to know if loans for buying cars are commercial loans or
personal loans.
Mr. Baker     : Neither, Mr. Fanelli. They’re auto loans. A commercial loans is principal that
banks lend to businesses. Personal loans are made to individuals, but not for
buying cars.
Mr. Fanelli    : What about interest rates?
Mr. Baker      : The rate of interest currently in effect on auto loans is 16
Mr. Fanelli    : For how long will I have to make monthly payments ?
Mr. Baker      : The term of the loan is three years, so there will be 36 monthly payments.
Mr. Fanelli      : Do I have to give the bank any collateral ?
Mr. Baker      : The car serves as collateral. If you default, the bank can take possession of
the car The bank also checks your credit file to make sure that you always
paid back your loans in the past. Do you have any charge accounts?
Mr. Fanelli      : My wife and I bought our furniture with our charge card and we even used it
to buy airplane tickets for our vacation in California last year. We paid off
both those debts promptly
Mr. Baker     : That’s very good. I assume there will be no problem. But the first thing you
have to do is to fill out this loan application.
Mr. Fanelli     : Thank you very much. I’ll start right now.

Baca Juga  Soal Persamaan dan Pertidaksamaan satu Peubah

41. What is the topic of the above dialogue ?
A. Kinds of loans
B. Applying for a loan
C. The rates of interest
D. Property as guarantee
E. Buying a car on credit

42. Where does the dialogue take place ?
A. In a bank
B. In a car showroom
C. In a department store
D. At Mr. Baker’s house
E. At Jack Richardson’s office

43. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE about Mr. Jack Richardson ?
A. He has got an auto loan
B. He is Mr. Fanelli’ , friend
C. He has given Mr. Fanelli some loans
D. He is satisfied with the bank’s service
E. He has told Mr. Fanelli where to get a loan

Baca Juga  Sejarah Peminatan IIS Kelas/ Peminatan XI IIS

44. The purpose of Mr. Fanelli’s visit to Mr. Baker is that ……..
A. he want to buy a car
B. he is a bank customer
C. he want to get an auto loan
D. he wants to withdraw his money
E. he has a problem with his account

45. Before approving a loan, the bank investigates whether the client has ……..
A. property as a guarantee
B. paid back all his past debts
C. applied for a car loan before
D. used his charge accounts regularly
E. bought furniture with his charge card

46. X :  Can I have your report on the last week’s study tour to Lampung?
Y :  I’m still working on it. But I ……. it by the time you’re back from the meeting.
A. I am going to finish
B. will have finished
C. have finished
D. am finishing
E. will finish

Baca Juga  Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan Kelas/ Program XI IIS & MIA

47. A : Did Ann inviteTom to the party?
B : I don’t know, but I am sure he …….. because he’s her best friend.

A. invites
B. is inviting
C. is being invited
D. has been invited
E. might have been invited

48. As he usually works overtime, he is always very  ……..  when he gets home from work.
A. tired
B. bored
C. annoyed
D. confused
E. disappointed

49. Rina : I’m thinking of going to Brazil next year, Ria
Ria   : Oh, great! I’m sure you’ll have a good time there.
According to the dialogue Ria is …….. that Rina will enjoy her stay in Brazil.
A. happy
B. certain
C. pleased
D. doubtful
E. satisfied

50. A : I’m planning to go England next week.
B : Really? Sounds good ! How long you’ll be there?
A : I think I’ll stay for like 2 weeks
B : Who you are going with?
A : I guess with my Mom.
B : Oh ! Great ! Hopeful you’ll be happy there.
A : Thank you

According to the text above where will A goes?
A.    New Zealand
B.    Indonesia
C.    China
D.    America
E.    England