Prediksi Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 2015

Prediksi Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMA Tahun 2015
Direction: You will need to read the short dialogues in the transcript page which is followed by a question.
8.You are will the speaker’s meet?
A. At the woman’s office
B. In a conference room
C. At the dentist
D. At the man’s office
SKL: Making arrangement
9. What does Sandra look like?
A. She is rather tall.
B. She has long. Red hair.
C. She doesn’t wear glasses.
D. She has long, black hair
SKL: Describing people
10. Why can’t the woman use the man’s phone?
A. The man is working right now.
B. The man is selling a phone.
C. The man is using it.
D. The man is going early.
SKL: Asking permission
11. How does the woman express her feeling?
A. She plays music.
B. She likes fishing.
C. She is good at cooking fish
D.She feels fine
SKL: Talking about Hobbies/interest.

Part IV. Short Talk
Direction: You will need to read the short dialogues in the transcript page which is followed by a question.
You are to choose one best answer to each question.
Question 12 – 13 refer to the report in the transcript.
12. Who are involved in the study?
A. Elementary students
B. Teenagers
C. Employers
D. Employees
13. How many people are in the research?
A. 1000                            C. 25,000
B. 10,000                         D. 30,000
14. Who is listening to the announcement?
A. Bus passengers            C. Airline passengers
B. Hospital patients          D. Job applicants
15. What should the passengers do if they need a pillow?
A. Bring their seat backs
B. Press the call light.
C. Pay Rp 10.000,-
D. Wait after 20 minutes

Part IV. Incomplete Dialogues
Direction: In this part of the test, you will read incomplete dialogues in various situation. You are to choose A,B,C or D to fill the missing part of each dialogue.
16. Man           ; What do you like to do most of your free time?
Woman     :
Man           : Really? Me too. I like to visit the Book store for a whole day.
A. I like cooking new recipe
B. I like reading comics.
C. I’d rather play football.
D. I prefer cleaning the house.
SKL: Talking about Hobbies and Interest.
17. Guest            : Good morning.
Receptionist : May I have your name, ma’am?
Guest            : Tanya Robert from Goldwin Company.
A. Which room do you prefer?
B. Who would like to meet Mr. Steward?
C. Where does the woman come from?
D. I’d like to See Mr. Steward, please.
SKL: Guest handing.
18. Janah : Do you need some help typing that report?
Jovan : I sure do. It needs to be presented in the meeting at 1 p.m
A. We’d be very happy to hear that.
B. That would be lovely.
C. That’s very nice of you.
D. We should be able to finish it before lunch.
SKL: Talking about people’s job.
19. Rachel       : will you be invited to the Grammy Music Award next week?
Winona     :                       I have to attend Michael jackson’s ceremony in Denver.
Rachel       : What a pity!
A. I glad to hear that.
B. I see.
C. I;m Sorry I can’t
D. I really think so.
SKL: Giving Invitation
20. Man           : Look at those lights and firework! What is happening?
Woman     : Jakarta celebrates the Annual Food Fetival.
Man           :
A. What is the day today?
B. What a charming city Jakarta is!
C. How does it go?
D. What do you do?
SKL: Compliment.
21. Man           : I want to complain about the room. So the room is very hot.
Woman     : I’m sorry ma’am. I will look into this right away and send the technician to the
Room. May I have your room number h?
A. I just brought a tape recorder.
B. The air conditioning doesn’t work.
C. My son hasn’t arrived hone yet.
D. My dinner should be in my room  a minute.
SKL: Handling Complaint
22. Man           : Do you have today nespaper?
Woman     : I’m sorry, Sir. It’s somewhere in the teacher’s room
Man           :
Woman     : Right away, sir.
A. Will you buy me a sony Ericson K660i?
B. Do you happen to know the place?
C. Why don’t you take a new ticket?
D. I wonder if you could help me.
SKL: Expressing request
23. Man           : I’m sorry for being late. My car broke down on my way here.
Woman     :
Man           : Thanks for your advice. I’ll do that.
A. You’d better have it checked regularly
B. I should call a taxi
C. My driver can help you
D. I think I will send you a driver.
SKL: Giving advice
24. Woman     : I like to hold the class in an open atmosphere. It makes my students feel relax
And enjoyable.
Man           : If my students hear that, …………… your class.
A. They would join
B. They will join
C. They had joined
D. They are joining.
SKL: Conditional Sentence
25. Woman     : Sir, We need to hire a new accountant.
Man           ; Okay. … Besides we’ll have a lot of work to do next month. Ask Ms.keiko
To get some candidates to be interviewed soon.
Woman     : Yes, Sir. I will have them ready.
A. I’m sorry. I can’t.
B. I agree with you
C. It is not necessary
D. I don’t agree with the idea
SKL: Expressing Agreement
26. John          : Tanya, I’m afraid ican’t take you to the airport. I have class at seven.
Tanya        : Don’t worry! I if you can’t drive me to the airport,
John          : Sorry!
A. I’ll take a taxi.
B. The bus is coming.
C. It’s over here
D. The airport is about 30 minutes b taxi.
SKL: talking about the future plans
27. Man           : I’m afraid we can’t celebrate the graduation on March 2nd . How about April 10th
Woman     :    Sorry, I can’t make it then.
Man           : That’s great, I’ll see you then.
A.Could we fix another time?
B. certainly, what’s the number?
C. Is that possible?
D. Let me look now.
SKL: Making arrangement
28. Applicant 1           : Excuse me, how long have you been waiting for the interview?
Applicant 2           : I don’t know exactly but I was here at 7 this morning and it’s 3.45.
Do you know when it is over?
Applicant 1          : I am not sure
A.When will it finish
B.When do they finish
C. When the interview finishes
D. When is it over?
SKL: Noun Clause
1.         Kiki:” Good morning,…..?”
Amir:” I’m sorry. My father is not at home. He hasn’t come from the office yet.”
Kiki:” Ok. Well. I’ll call again later. Thanks.”
A. Can I speak to your father            C. What can I do for you
B. Hi. How are you today            D. Good morning Sir
2.     Weni:” Oh my god, my English score is bad.”
Lisa:” IF I………you,  I would study harder.”
A.  am        B. Was        C. Were        D. been
3.       Girl:  “The weather is bad . There are heavy black clouds in the sky ……… “
Boy    : I think so.
A.                  It won’t rain so soon.                C. It must be sunny day.
B.                   It’s possible to rain soon.                D. It  rains quite often nowadays.
4.      Anik     :  “…………?  I need it by tomorrow to deal with The ORLANDO Company.”
Manto        : “ No problem. I’ll type it.”
A.                  Would you  mind typing the proposal.        C. Shall I send to the company.
B.                   Will you read the proposal  for me.        D. May I  type the proposal.
5.     Sisi:” ………..lend me your cell phone?”
Ida:” I’m sorry, but it is still charged.”
A.                  Don’t you    B. Would you        C. My opinion        D. Let’s go
6.      Tuti : “You’d better see the dentist  or you’ll lose your teeth.”.
Sari:”………..I will go to him this afternoon.”
A.      The dentist  has seen  me.                 C. I should become a dentist
B.      Sure, the dentist will see you            D. Yes, I guess I should
7.    Agus  : “May I have the menu of your food , please?”
Dina :  ………………………
A.                  Here you are sir.                       C. Yes, we only serve you.
B.                   I don’t think you okay.                    D.I like paying by credit
8.     Gina:  “Where did you go last night ? I came to your office , but no one there.”
Harun:” I am sorry, …………. And I celebrated our new business.”
A.I don’t know    B. My employees         C. Are you sure?        D. I will permit you
9 .     Nanik  : “how often do you go to Makassar ?”
Rudi : “Well,……………………twice for business and at least once for leisure each year. So I often go  there.”
Nanik: “really?, So  you’re  there quite often .”
A. Once  .             B.  three times     C.  usually go             D. Four  times.
10.     Rika  :  “……….. to type it ?”
anton : “Thank you, but I can type it myself. I’ll finish it within ten minutes.”
A.                  May I help you    B. Why don’t you help me   C. Please, give me a favor    D. I don’t care
11.     Tarno : “I used to climb some trees when I was a child. What about you?.”
Anik : …………….”
A.I didn’t know my child.            C. I was born in 1995
B.I had a lot of used furniture.            D. I used to swim in the river
12.     Sandy:” Where is Dono? Do you see him?”
Fira:” He……………on his way now. He drives slowly.”
A.                  May be        B. Doesn’t like        C. Cooks often        D. is taking a bath
13.                 Edi: “ Let’s go to the JAVA MALL, Clara.”
A                B
Clara: “ IF I finished my homework, I want to go with you there.”
C        D
A. going    B. Clara        C. House    D. Would
14..     Sinta     : Which one do you like to visit? Raja Ampat beach or Lovina beach?
A                  B
Mika    : Of course Raja Ampat ,  because it  is most interesting than Lovina .
C                                D
A. Who        B. Must        C. Why not        D. More


15.     Olive    : “HERBALKU  factory, why is  located in Ungaran , is a famous factory in Central Java.
A           B                                         C
Imas:” What does it produce?”

Olive:”  It produces  herbal medicine products.”
A. Which        B. Location        C. Family    D. Product
16.     Wendy:” I can like to reserve a single room, please?”
Receptionist:” All right. For how many nights, Ma’am?
B                  C
Wendy:” Two nights , please.”
A.                  Would        B. All good    C. Much    D. pleased
17.     Mira    :” I am a new student here. Could you tell me which one is Mr. Rudi, the Mathematic teacher? “
Farah    : Certainly, he wear  glasses, has a pointed nose, and brown hair.
B                                          C                  D
A. Why    B. Wears    C. Nose    D. hairy
18.     Juni : “ My mother and I went to Batik Center in kampung Troso, Jepara last Sunday.”
A                              B                                         C
Gisel:” IF my mother    is    alive, we might do the same.”
A. Buy            B. Inside        C. Ago        D. Were
19.     Kayla:” What kind of food do you like?”


Sunil:” I dislike  sambal goreng krecek , it is very  delicious , what about you? “
A                             B                                              C
Hani:”  I like Tengkleng Solo  very     much.”
A. Like           B. Soap              C. Delivery         D. Many
20.    Didik:” I used to help my father in the ricefield some years ago.”
Onik:” I also were help my mother to sell vegetables in the market when I was a child.”
B                 C                       D

To: Miranda Sully
From: Johny Teran
Date: March 10th, 2012

Please, send the weekly financial report to Mr. Erlan Baskoro  by E-mail at before midnight. Thanks

21. When is the deadline time?
A. Next week        B. before midnight        C. On March        D. Tomorrow
22.How will Miranda Sully send the financial report?
A. by hand            B. by Post        C. by e-mail        D. by Fax
23. Who sends the message?
A. Mrs. Miranda Sully            C. Mr. Baskoro
B. Mr. Johny Teran            D. Erlan Baskoro

MODE    01/18 /2013, 06:19 pm

24. What is the text about?
A. the paper        B. The fax transmission report    C. The standardization
. 25.. How long did this event take?
A.     6 hours             C.    1 minute
B.    19 minutes.         D.    26 seconds
26. How many sheets were sent?
A.1        B. 3            C. 18            D. 2013

Born in Surabaya on June 6th 1901, Koesno Sosrodiharjo or famous as Soekarno was the first president of Indonesian Republic. He held his presidential period from 1945 until 1966. Together with Mohammad Hatta, he proclaimed the indepence of Indonesia on August 17th 2945. Both of them then ruled the country with Pancasila as the ideology foundation.
27.Who is told in the text above ?
A. Many people    B. Surabaya city    C. Republic of Indonesia          D. Soekarno

28..What is the synonim of country  ?
A. state         B. together        C. foundation        D. president
29 .What did Soekarno do on 17 August 1945?

A. Proclaimed Indonesian independence.            C. Changed his name to be Koesno.
B. Went to his home town of Suarabaya.            D. Visited some countries.
Adult  …………………… 2 tablespoonfuls
Children according to age :
10 – 14 years ………………. 4 teaspoonfuls
6 – 10 years ……………..…. 2 teaspoonfuls
3 – 6 years …………….……. 4 teaspoonfuls
Repeat above dosage every ½ hour to 1 hour if needed until 8 doses are taken.
If relief does not occur within two days, consult your doctor
Note: Shake well before taking
30. Most likely, this medicine  is ……
A.   a pill        B.   powder        C.   an injection        D.    liquid
31. How many tablespoons should be taken by an  adultt  in one doses?……tablespoons
A.   Two         B.   Four         C.   Six        D.   Eight
32. According to the instruction, what should you do before taking this medicine?
A.   Shake it.         C.   Heat it.
B.   Add water to it.                     D.   See a doctor.

You are cordially (33)……………….. to view
An exhibition of work  (34)…………… Alicia turner
will be Included  from her most recent project in the Arctic (35)………………view
28 Mapel Garden Street
From April 6th  –  10th
Opening reception : 6:00  to 10:00 P.M.
Friday, April 6th
Show runs  (36)………………… 9:00 A.M. to  4:00 P.M.
12:00 to 5:00 P.M. Sat & Sun
Admission – Free
33.A. inviting        B. invited          C. invites            D. invite

34.A. by           B. beside         C. inside.          D. under

35.A. Snowy          B. snow          C.snowing          D. snowed

36. A. from         B. and         C. near         D. always

Elizabeth  has a lot of hobbies and interests. She usually gets up early so she can (37)…… before work. She doesn’t have much time to ski, but she occasionally goes on Saturdays during the winter. Elizabeth often rides a horse in a stable near her home. She sometimes goes after work, but she usually goes horseback riding on Sundays. She loves music. She always goes to choir practice on Wednesday evenings and sings in church on Sundays. She doesn’t have much extra money, so she rarely goes to concerts in the city. She seldom watches TV (38)…….. she likes doing things outside. She usually goes to the gym if it’s raining outside. She isn’t often alone because she has a lot of friends. She occasionally does something alone, but she usually does her (39)…….. with one of her friends. She’s a happy woman!


37. A. run.          B. ran            C. runs         D. has run
38. A. after         B. because          C. by            D. from
39.A. activiting        B.  active.            C. actually         D. activities.

dear listeners of 104.5 Suara Raya FM, don’t go anywhere, I’ll be back after the (40) ……..commercial break . Don’t miss  out on  the chance to have your very own piece  of the  city’s history  . Now, for a (41)…….time, business and individuals can purchase office space  in (42)……. new city hall complex
40. A. Follow        B. Followed        C. following .         D. Follows
41. A. limiting         B. limits         C. limited         D. have limited.
42. A. From        B. Under        C. this.             D. place.
43.     Geno    : “I think English is easier than Mathematics.”
Siti    : …
A.No, I don’t have English book        C. My sister is teaching Math
B.You’re right, I can get  9 easily.         D. Wow, he is a cute Math teacher.
44. Handi : Have you heard the news that Indonesia beat Thailand in the football final?
Titik : …
A.    Yes. That was a great game.             C. The game is about to start at 7.30.
B.     No. I don’t think  going  to Bangkok        D. Well. I am back from Thailand
45.Sarah : Would you please tell me how to get to the nearest gas station?
A.    Walk along this street and turn right on the crossroad..    C.Yes, I have been in gas station for 3 years.
B.     There is no gas station selling kerosene.            D. That is the city train station
46.Uni    :  I heard that you are going abroad;. Is that right?
Imron    : That’s right. I am going to leave  for  Singapore next week
Uni    : Could you tell   me where you stay in Singapore?
Imron    : OK, just give me your phone number.
From the dialogue, so  How will the man tell his address?
A. By telling directly.                C. By calling Imron
B. By staying in Singapore.            D. By leaving for Indonesia.
47.    Man          : What do you usually do on  Fridays?
Woman    : attend my   English Course  in the    morning, and play futsal  in the afternoon..
Man                : what  the wonderful  activities you have.
According to the conversation, What does the woman usually do on Friday morning?
A. She studies English.                C. She teaches in International course.
B. She does her homework                 D. She lives in Kendal.
48.     Luki    :  Good afternoon. Can I reserve a table in the Non- smoking area for this evening?
Dinda    : Certainly. How many people are there in your party?
Luki : Six. We’ll be there at seven o’ clock.
From the dialogue we know: What is the man doing?
A. He is having a party.            C. He is ordering a set of furniture.
B. He is confirming a reservation.        D. He is reserving a place at a restaurant
49.     Mira    :    Do you have any fruit?
Agus    :    I have a lot ;  oranges, mangoes, apples  and  many more, which ones do you like best?
Mira    :    I’d rather have mangoes , it’s sweeter, more watery and has the most fiber of all.
Agus    :     I see.
Question: Why does the woman choose mangoes ?
A. it’s cheaper.       B.  it’s sweetest       C. it has the most fiber.   D. it contains the most vitamin
Welcome to the Kendal Public Library. Books can only be borrowed by members. Anyone who resides, works, pays property taxes, or attends school in Kendal, is eligible to be Library member. To be a member you just simply register yourself in the front desk. You will be asked to fill a form, show your ID card, and pay registration fee. Most books can be borrowed for 28 days. Borrowing can be  prolonged  once for 10 days if no one else wants the book.
50. What does the talk tell us?
A. How to register to be a librarian.        C. How to renew the library.
B. How to be the library member.        D.How to buy the books.
51. How many days can the books be prolonged  if no one is waiting for it?
A. 10 days.    B.28 days.    C.38 days.    D. 40 days.
Attention,  passengers of Garuda Airlines flight no 11, you are requested to go to Garuda Airlines ticket counter. Due to a delay caused by the  bad weather conditions, you will receive a voucher for a complimentary dinner in the airport restaurant. Boarding time has been rescheduled for 8:30 P.M. You will be informed if there is  any further schedule change. We sincerely regret for any inconvenience caused by this delay.
52. What will passengers get while they are waiting for their flight?
A ticket.    B. A.dinner.    C.A report.    D.A boarding pass.
53. Where would the passengers  possibly be at 08:45 A.M?
A. At the cabin.    B. In the lounge    C. At the passing gate.       D.In the airport restaurant