Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK

Latihan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMK
1.    Who was cleverer, the blonde or the lawyer?
a.    the blonde.             c. Both were clever.
b.    the lawyer             d. They were the same.
c.    none of them was clever.
2.    The word “miffed’ in the last paragraph has the similar meaning to…
a.    shy                 c. doubt
b.    happy             d. angry.
c.    generous
The following text is for number 22-21
Because of the high demand for electrical power due to extremely cold weather, the city is facing a serious power shortage. We are asking residents to help us avoid this situation. Please reduce your power consumption as much as possible. Lower household heat to sixty degrees. Turn of all unnecessary appliances. Postpone energy-consuming tasks such as doing the laundry.

3.    The announcement is about …..

a.    a serious power shortage in the city
b.    the high demand for electrical power.
c.    the extremely cold weather in the city
d.    the need to turn off all unnecessary appliances
e.    the demand to postpone energy-consuming tasks
4.    The announcement is addressed to …..
a.    the residents of the city.    d.    the officials that work in the city
b.    the companies in the city    e.    the employees of the electricity company
c.    the rich people in the city
5.    “Turn of all unnecessary appliances.”
The synonym of the underlined word is …….
a.    Cables    d.    Devices.
b.    Wires    e.    ingredients
c.    Iron

Mighty River Short Story Contest
Deadline December 10, 2008

Baca Juga  ULANGAN AKHIR SEMESTER I SD Kelas 5 Mata Pelajaran Akidah Akhlak

About the contest:
We’re searching for the best short story relating in some way to the Mississippi River, the River Valley, or a sister River: its landscape, people, culture, history, current events, or future.
Semi-finalists will be chosen by a regional team of published writers. The final manuscript will be chosen by Susan Swartwout, publisher of Southeast Missouri State University Press.
Winner receives an award of $500 and publication in Big Muddy: A Journal of the Mississippi River Valley.
Winner will be announced December 15, 2008.

Mail manuscripts to:
MRSS Contest
Southeast Missouri State University Press MS 2650, One University Plaza Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

6.    What is the announcement about?

a.    Regional publishers    d.    Some rivers in Mississippi
b.    The deadline of a contest    e.    Short story contest.
c.    Winners of writing contest
7.    When will be the end for the participants send their manuscript?

a.    December 10, 2008    d.    December 11, 2009
b.    December 20, 2008    e.    December  20, 209
c.    December 11, 2008
8.    Southeast Missouri State University Press MS 2650, One University Plaza Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 is the address of ……..
a.    Participants    d.    Winner
b.    Senders    e.    Publisher
c.    Committee
9.    “Winner receives an award of $500 and publication in Big Muddy”
The antonym of the underlined word is ………
a.    Makes    d.    Tells
b.    Chooses    e.    Wins
c.    Gives
Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like duckbill. Platypus …(33) a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia.
Platypus … (34) a flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick and woolly layer of fur. Its bill is detecting prey and stirring up mud. Platypus’ eyes and head are small. It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light.
Platypus … (35) in streams, rivers, and lakes. Female platypus usually dig burrows in the streams or river banks. The burrows are blocked with soil to …(36) it from intruders and flooding. In the other hand, male platypus …….. (37) need any burrow to stay.
10.    a. Is            b. Are         c. Was         d. Were        e. Am
11.    a. Has        b. Had        c. Have        d. Having    e. Have been
12.    a. Live         b. Lives         c. lived         d. Living     e. Been lived
13.    a. Do not        b. does not    c. Did not    d. Was not    e. Were not
The best arrangement of the jumbled words bellow is …
14.    for – am – your – I – reply – waiting
1       2         3      4    5    6
a.    4,2,5,1,6,3        d. 4,2,5,6,3,1
b.    4,2,6,1,3,5        e. 1,3,5,2,6,4
c.    4,2,5,1,3,6
15.    Watched – home – we – at – stayed – film – a – and
1            2          3      4         5          6      7       8
a.    3-1-7-6-4-2-8-5        d. 1-3-5-7-2-4-6-8
b.    3-5-4-2-8-1-7-6        e. 5-8-3-1-7-6-2-4
c.    5-4-2-8-3-1-7-6
16.    Rearrange the jumbled sentences below into a good  paragraph.!
1)    These small land percentage are consisting of  Bunaken, Manado Tua, Mantehage and Siladen islands.
2)    The park is a representative of Indonesia tropical water ecosystem.
3)    Established in 1991, the park covers the area of 890,65 kM2,
4)    The Bunaken national Park is a marine park in the north of Sulawesi.
5)    97 % of which is marine habitat while the 3 % others are consisting of islands.
The right order is ….
a. 4-3-5-2-1                                         d. 4-1-5-3-2
b. 4-5-3-1-2                                          e. 1-2-4-3-5
c. 4-2-3-5 -1
17.    Rearrange the jumbled sentences below into a good  paragraph.!
1)    We left our house at about 5 o’clock in the morning. We took a taxi to the railway station.
2)    Finally our train came. All of us rushed to get on the train.
3)    Last Lebaran, my family and I went to our hometown. We decided to take a train because it is more comfortable.
4)    It took about 5 to 7 hours to get to our hometown. We enjoyed our journey.
5)    We took the carriage no 3 according to our tickets.
6)    But our train was late for about fifteen minutes, so we had to wait a bit longer.
7)    After finding our seats, we sat comfortably.
8)    We arrived at the station at six. Our train would leave at 6.40.
a. 3-8-6-4-5-1-2-7                  d. 3-5-4-2-7-8-1-6
b. 3-4-5-8-1-2-6-7                e. 3-1-5-8-6-7-2-4
c . 3-1-8-6-2-5-7-4

Baca Juga  PEMAHAMAN KONSEP Soal Matematika Soal Bangun Ruang

I.    Essay!
1.    What is  Narrative Text?
2.    Mention the genre of narrative text!\
3.    What is spoof text?
4.    Mention the genre of spoof text!
5.    Make an announcement about an activity at school!